Artist Recreates Famous Art Works Onto Hair

Artist Recreates Famous Art Works Onto Hair

Kansas hair colorist Ursula Goff recreated the famous art works onto hair, This is not the first time she attempted something like this, in the past we have seen some of her other works as well which you can check it out here.

So back in December, while I was in the middle of doing Airacha’s Van Gogh colored hair, I had an idea. I wondered how hard it would be to actually paint Starry Night – the painting – onto some hair. I thought it might be fun to try painting on hair instead of a canvas (for everyone needing a reason why I do anything). So the next day, I started working on painting it onto a hair weft (a thin slice of hair like that used for certain types of extensions) to see if I could work something out. …I spent a lot of time looking through art books and thinking about what sorts of things I like to paint, trying to decide what would be the most fun and interesting to do.

Picasso's "La Reve". It's honestly a little hard to reproduce this level of abstraction, and I caught myself trying to paint things "correctly", like the wallpaper pattern. It still isn't quite wonky enough to match the original, but it gave me a bit more respect for Picasso's ability to throw form to the wind in favor of other concepts, especially considering that he was a very gifted technical artist (seriously, check out the portrait of his mother he did at 15). I still didn't have a good technique down when I completed this one, so it isn't as sharp as i would like, but…I'm not redoing it. Learn more about my methods and products used on my blog at my website (link in bio) #rainbowhair #picasso #lareve #art #abstractart #expressionism #modernart #behindthechair #btconeshot_color16 #btconeshot_hairpaint16 #btconeshot_color16 #btconeshot_rainbow16

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