How the Artists of Today are Influencing the World of Tomorrow

World of Tomorrow

Art has always been a powerful tool in more ways than one. For example, cave paintings taught future generations a few lessons and passed them on throughout history. Art has evolved since then and became an effective tool for change in the world.

How Does art Influence People?

Some may think art is nothing more than a hobby or something that people with a little more time on their hands do from time to time, but art is much more than that. A few people out there believe that art can only have an emotional effect on people, but studies show otherwise. Apparently, this medium can help improve inter-connectivity in the brain, which may strengthen people’s ability to analyze. These changes in the brain also seem to enhance a person’s self-reflective abilities.

What Artists are Doing to Influence the Future

Artists have many forms of expression that they use to influence the world. There was a time when Frederick Douglass used photography to attempt to change people’s perspectives on African-Americans. It was his duty to take as many photographs as possible to ensure that people began to see African-Americans as educated people rather than slaves. Some artists today are attempting to do the same thing by challenging social norms.

For one, some artists are creating portraits of love. This is an attempt to help the community break through preconceptions and hopefully, become more accepted by this society. Of course, this is just one example, but it is clear that some artists believe in shaking things up a bit. Most of the time, artists usually lack a forum or a place where they can share their perspectives and visions. Thankfully, there are still some places that believe in the power of the artist and how he or she will attempt to change the world like The Shed and other art-centered galleries.

How are we Responding to Art?

We respond to art in various ways. Some art we find very touching and moving while there may be other artists that we don’t like as much. The point is that art is shaping the future and telling a story. It is telling future generations about human evolution. It is explaining how people used to see things and how it began to change with some of these artistic creations. This is the power of art, and it is something that needs to be treasured.


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