ASH VS. EVIL DEAD Series New Details Surfaced

ASH VS. EVIL DEAD Series Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell horror series Ash Vs. Evil Dead released some new information about the upcoming show, To be honest I am very excited about the news. The episodes will be half an hour long, and in an interview with IGN, Starz head Chris Albrecht talked about the upcoming series.

“The half hour idea was their idea. And I can tell you it’s a chock-full half hour.”

Well, it’s good to know that those 30 minutes are going to be packed full of all kinds of great stuff. When asked where the series will shoot, he said,

“We are shooting it in New Zealand. We’ll have to import some cars that drive left hand and import some signs because it kind of takes place in classic American towns or cities.”

I’m curious about the show taking place in classic American towns and cities. It sounds like there’s going to be some traveling going on. In a previousinterview with EW, Campbell used The Walking Dead as a reference point and explained how it will be different.

“It’s about as big of a counterpart to Walking Dead as you could program because Walking Dead is unrelentingly grim and hugely popular. We’re going to give people a little of the old fashioned slapstick: horror and comedy. The beauty of Starz is there’s no content issues. Let’s face it: fans want the carnage and the mayhem. So we intend to give them quite the explosion of viscera. Most of it directed at me, unfortunately.”

Campbell also talked about some of the other, younger characters that will be joining Ash on his adventure against the deadites, They haven’t been cast yet, but he explained,

“One is a male-bonding situation, and the other is a father-figure deal, since Ash could have a daughter the same age as this character. Hopefully we’ll pull Ash out of his loner-veteran mode and get him back into being a human being again.”

There has been speculation that the daughter could be the character Mia, who was played by Jane Levy in the Evil Dead remake. There’s no confirmation of that, but I think it would be cool if that ended up being the case. As for when we will see the show premiere, Albrecht said,

“I think most likely it will be fourth quarter [of 2015]. End of third quarter, fourth quarter, something like that. We’ve got a lot of shows this year. We’re very, very excited.”


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