ASH VS. EVIL DEAD Will Show You The “Worst Death in the History of All Visual Arts”


Ash Vs. Evil Dead is over the top horror as it is and in the second season you should prepare yourself for even more madness because they are going to feature the “worst death in the history of all visual arts,” and you’ll be happy to know that it involves Ash’s classic 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88, which is owned by director Sam Raimi. You can check out the car in the photo above.

During a recent interview with EW, Bruce Campbell says the creative team behind Ash Vs. Evil Dead have really outdone themselves with one particular death. He explains:

“There’s an episode that’s basically around the Delta. It’s a pretty interesting episode, with perhaps the worst onscreen death in the history of all visual arts. ‘Worst’ meaning ‘most outrageous.’ Like, ‘Am I really watching this happening? Am I really watching this unfold in front of me?’”

Evil Dead is known for pushing boundaries of horror, and now it has all led to this insanity that Campbell is teasing us with. The actor goes on to reveal that his evil doppelgänger will be back to torment him.

“Well, he seems to pop up, that Evil Ash, he’s a tricky one. Ash always has internal struggles, let’s just say that.”

Ash vs Evil Dead is set to return to Starz in October.

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