At Last Anti-LEGO Slippers By Lego

Anti-LEGO Slippers By Lego

Stepping on Lego bricks is the pain you never experienced before, I have Lego fanatic daughter and because of that I don’t get off bed without turning on the light of my iPhone first and as a man I can relate the pain of stepping on the Lego brick as getting kicked in the nuts.

Now, LEGO has acknowledged the pain which inflicted by their bricks to human beings and they’ve created official anti-LEGO slippers that feature extra padding for protection. These are a limited addition item, and only 1500 people will be lucky enough to get a pair. The slippers will be randomly given away for free to people that create a wish list on the Lego France website. So get in action and order one, I ordered one already : )

Anti-LEGO Slippers By Lego Anti-LEGO Slippers By Lego

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