AtGames is Bringing Back Arcade and Console Classics To Your TV

Legends Gamer Pro

AtGames has announced some options for fans who don’t have the funds or space for an arcade cabinet with 300+ games. The Legends Gamer series brings three “arcades” to your television with up to 150 licensed games plus the ArcadeNet and BYOG that will enable you to expand your games library.

The Legends Gamer Mini will be available for $99 and comes with 100 games. Players will find controls for one player, so if you’re looking for multiplayer gaming, this may not be the best option for you. You get one joystick and 8 action buttons with pinball buttons being optional. Here’s a featured game list.

And then we have Legends Gamer. This is the 2-player version of the Mini and has 150 built-in games and an optional trackpad. This will run for $199. The full game list shows some excellent games from arcade and console games like Space Invaders and Super Star Wars.

The Legends Gamer Pro is the same as the standard version but has the trackball built-in and will cost $249.

Legends Gamer control top top view.pngLegends Gamer Pro control top side view.png

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