Attack on Titan New Screenshots Revealed

Attack on Titan   (1)

Koei Tecmo released new screenshots featuring Titan Eren, Female Titan, Erwin Smith, Mike Zacharius and more!!


  • Survey Corps
    • Erwin Smith
    • Mike Zacharius
  • Military Police
    • Nile Dok
    • Hitch Dreyse
    • Marlo Freudenberg
  • Titans
    • Titan Eren
    • Female Titan


By controlling Titan Eren, you can enjoy the game differently than you would playing from the perspective of a soldier. There are Titan-unique actions including building destruction, actions to blow back titans, and more.

Weapon Development

Players can develop new equipment at the camp. By changing your equipped weapon, you can strengthen your character’s actions. A large number of game-original equipment is being prepared.


The “Stohess District” has been confirmed as a playable stage. This is where you’ll fight the Female Titan.

Attack on Titan developed by Omega Force, will release in February 2016 in Japan and sometime next year in North America and Europe on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.


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