Australian Army’s Garage Sale

That’s some garage sale to go to . even if you don’t have the spare change to afford a land rover or a hornet, But this sale is fun to go to and a carnival for the Army vehicle collecting Fraternity. What you think they should do with all the Equipment if not sell it to the people ?

Seventy F/A-18 Hornet jet fighters are for sale, but probably not to private buyers.

Seventy F/A-18 Hornet jet fighters are for sale, but probably not to private buyers.

The army has six-wheel-drive variants.

The army has six-wheel-drive variants.

AUSTRALIANS will soon be able to own, and use, a slice of military history, as a huge sale of second-hand vehicles kicks off the largest disposal of defence equipment since World War II.

A vast range of war fighting kit from machine guns to jet fighters and torpedos to warships will eventually be sold.

Starting in March, up to 12,000 vehicles, including Land Rovers, trucks, semi-trailers, tankers, Unimogs, motorcycles and trailers valued at more than $100 million will be sold by Sydney-based firm Australian National Disposals, trading as Australian Frontline Machinery (AFM).

Most are about 25 years old with 125,000km on the clock and not a bullet hole in sight, in either khaki or a fetching camouflage paint scheme.

They range in quality from rolled-over write-offs to near-pristine vehicles fitted with premium accessories.

Defence is buying a new vehicle fleet for $7 billion with phase three of the project to deliver about 4600 light to heavy vehicles worth $3.1 billion.

Over the 15 years, the Commonwealth will also sell hundreds of warplanes, warships, helicopters, armoured vehicles, explosives and weapons as it moves to replace 85 per cent of military equipment.

Australian Army


Australian Army

All-terrain Unimog.


12,000 vehicles (3300 Land Rovers variants, 2500 light trailers, 2430 medium trucks)

Up to 24 ships; (Landing ships HMAS Manoora and Kanimbla, supply ship, frigates, barges)

70 combat aircraft; (F/A-18 Hornet fighters)

110 other aircraft; (C-130 Hercules, King Air)

* 120 helicopters; (Sea King, Seahawk, Blackhawk)

* 600 armoured vehicles; (Armoured personnel carriers)

* A range of communications systems, weapons and explosive ordnance (M2A2 Howitzers, 30 calibre machine guns, Hamel guns, M60D Machine guns, SLRs, torpedos). Source

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