Avengers: Age of Ultron Fun Facts


Here are some interesting facts from the Avengers: Age of Ultron. It will be the biggest summer movie of 2015 and it is the most anticipated movie here at FizX.

Don’t expect the title and the storyline to match

Comic book fans may recognize the “Age of Ultron” title from one in the long (and continuing) “Avengers” series, but the storyline for this film isn’t drawn from it. Kevin Feige, the producer, and Joss Whedon, the director, ultimately decided to use the title but the storyline follows several decades’ worth of the actual comics.

Quicksilver’s appearance was almost a no-go

The appearance of Quicksilver has been surrounded by controversy from the beginning. Initially, the character was supposed to appear in X-Men: The Last Stand and The Avengers, but Marvel Studios and 20th Century Fox faced licensing complexities that forced Quicksilver’s omission from both. The studios formed a resolution for the upcoming films that included omitting competitor references and ultimately concluded that Evan Peters, who portrayed Quicksilver in X-Men: Days of Future Past, would not be featured in the “Avengers” franchise. Joss Whedon spent nearly a year trying to get Aaron Taylor-Johnson on board as Pietro Maximoff / Quicksilver, and he ultimately agreed because his Godzilla co-star, Elizabeth Olsen, would portray his on-screen twin sister, Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch.

James Spader was a shoo-in for the role of Ultron

According to Joss Whedon, James Spader was the first and only actor he considered for the role of the Iron Legion drone 05, Ultron. In an interview with Lorraine Cink from Marvel’s “The Watcher,” Joss Whedon said that Spader has a “hypnotic voice that can be eerily calm and compelling while also being very human and humorous.” Spader used his natural speaking voice for the role. The cast was so impressed with Spader’s performance that they cheered and applauded him after his first take on his first day on set.

Avengers: Age of Ultron will feature groundbreaking special effects

Industrial Light & Magic, The Walt Disney Company’s visual effects company, created a new motion capture system called Muse that allows an actor’s movements from separate takes to be combined into one performance. Overall, the film will feature 3,000 visual effects, the most of any Marvel Cinematic Universe film. Guardians of the Galaxy held the previous record with 2,750 visual effects.

Ultron is considered a dark version of Pinocchio

As seen in the first trailer, Ultron recites “No Strings On Me” from the Walt Disney film, Pinocchio. Ultron’s character is similar to Pinocchio because they are both inanimate beings that gain the human ability to feel. Marvel Studios has been a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company since 2009.

Scarlett Johansson was pregnant during the filming

It’s fairly common for actresses to be pregnant during a film’s production and it often affects the schedule. Johansson’s appearances had to be filmed early before her belly was showing. To help hide it in further taping, three stunt doubles were hired. According to the cast, they all looked so similar to Johansson that it was hard to tell them apart. Chris Evans even said he was engaged in conversation before he realized he wasn’t talking to the real ScarJo. The actress gave birth to her first child, Rose, with husband Romain Dauriac in September 2014.

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