The Most Awaited Online Action Games of 2014

Can’t have enough of online gaming? Willing to give up an awaited date for the new version of Diablo? Do these thoughts sound familiar? Online gaming freaks just can’t have enough of games. The craze of gaming is not new; in fact it’s only growing by the day. If you’re a bird of the same feather, here is a list of some of the most awaited online games of 2014. Which are your picks?


There’s nothing like a 6+1 home theatre, a cozy recliner, a bottle of your favorite Budweiser and the latest version of Dark Souls; online gamers will best relate to this! Oh yes, that’s how addictive these games can be and the addicted will give up just about anything to own them. 2013 saw the launch of some of the most enthralling and adrenaline rushing games like Infested Planet, Age of Wonders III and South Park.

So what does 2014 have in store? Well, there a number of games that are in pipeline and are due to launch this year. With trailers out, here is a compilation of the top 10 in reverse-gear:

10. Evolve: Due to release in mid 2014, Evolve is a creation of Turtle Rock Studios, the developers of Left 4 Dead. The game involves a face off  of 4 players against a massive monster that is system controlled. It’s comes across as a combination of Left 4 Dead and Borderlands, hence you may find similarities to them.

9. Dragon Age Inquisition: Developed as an after event of Dragon Age II, the featured place is still Thedas but the set and the protagonist have been changed completely. Dragon Age II may not have done very well, but BioWare has bounced back with Inquisition, raising the bar well above its other releases.

8. The Witness: Braid is back with The Witness. A reminiscent of Myst (in a positive manner), the PC classic; this exploration based game revolves around an abandoned island and is being eagerly awaited. It’s expected to be released mid 2014.

7. Watch Dogs: Due to release early 2014, this Ubisoft production is worth the take. With a gripping combination of unique player attraction, hacking and combat throws across, gaming couldn’t have gotten better. Delayed but worth the wait

6. Transistor:  A follow up to the much enjoyed Bastion, Supergiant Games just got better with the transistor. The turn based elements are worth watching out. What’s more, we have a talking sword as the narrator; well, how many of that have we seen before?

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