The Most Awaited Online Action Games of 2014

5. Dark Souls II: Barring the PC port problems, Dark Souls and Demon Souls were both remarkable and thus require no introduction. Due to launch on 31st May 2014, we hope to experience awesome gaming with Dark Souls II minus the PC port issues

4. The Elder Scrolls Online: The backdrop has three factions set up in the premise of Tamriel namely Aldmeri Dominion, Ebonheart Pact and Daggerfall Covenant. While the experience is still awaited, being a Elder Scrolls’ production it’s eagerly awaited. However, if it’s as brilliant as Skyrim or no, is yet to be unveiled. Hang on till April 4th this year to find out!

3. Diablo III – Reaper of Souls: Launched 25th March 2014, Diablo has made a reappearance having worked on its previous version loop holes. Diablo III may not have been a success for all, but Reaper of Souls has done its homework well. This version, meet the Crusader class, armed melee warriors with spells and flails intact.


2. Titanfall: Loaded with the much awaited mech shooter, this version of Titanfall combines the customization of the MechWarrior Online and the momentum of Hawken, making it an ultimate combat gaming experience. You’ll love this one for sure. 

1. Thief: Released on the 25th of Februrary 2014, Thief has made a comeback with the reboot devised by Eidos Montreal. Stealth based powered by a steadfast combat system, this game is all geared to be a bigger hit than Dishonored.  

As per the trailers let loose, the following reviews and opinions have been formed. While there are many more launches due this year, the above 10 were observed to be the best of the lot. However, the nitty-gritty’s of the graphics and the overall gaming experience can be gained hands-on, which is yet to be determined. Albeit, these are worth looking forward to!

Love playing fighting games online? Which is your pick from this year’s launches? What’s your take on these newbies? Share your takes and experiences with us; we’d love to hear! You can also access some of the best free online action games by visiting

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