Awesome DIY Hoverboard Uses 4 Leaf Blowers

Awesome DIY Hoverboard Uses 4 Leaf Blowers

Ryan Craven from Austin, Texas has created an awesome DIY hoverboard using four leaf blowers, and the video below shows this amazing home made hoverboard in action.

Ryan used four leaf blowers, a skateboard deck, a shower liner, some gaffer tap, and a shower liner, to make this awesome DIY hoverboard.

Ryan calls his creation Mr Hoverboard, the device is a prototype, and a very clever one at that, we suspect we may see some more versions of this cool home made hoverboard in the future.

If you want to to make your own home made hoverboard, you can find out full details of how it was made at the link below.

Source Mr Hoverboard, Cnet

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