Awesome Hand-Crafted Animal Masks From Hammered Steel


I live in a crowded city and that can sometimes make me feel alienated. Especially when I see how the world is shaped by a passion for consumption. To cope with this fragmentation, I retreat to mountains for summer months. Nature helps me reconnect to the things that matter, and eases the sense of isolation.

For me solitude is a gateway to creativity. My art is a response to social alienation. I see how society is full of turmoil and chaos. Creativity is a process that is alive in all things, and relates with human roots running deep with meaning. This evolution, from poor progress to doing something better needs patience. We need patience and have to know pain.

What we have is time and space to use creativity in becoming better. When using the metal pieces I am using time and space, past and future, all that is in life – selçuk yılmaz

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