Awesome Middle-Earth Limited Collector’s Edition

Middle-Earth Limited Collector’s Edition

Peter Jackson’s Middle-earth films are coming together in one incredible new box set that a recent Amazon listing calls the Middle-earth Limited Collector’s Edition. The set will include all three The Lord of the Rings movies and all three The Hobbit movies in one box set.

The 30-disc box set is all housed in six faux leather books on a collectible Hobbit-style wood shelf, boasting a design selected by Jackson himself. In addition, each book will include the extended editions of each film plus all of the previously-released bonus content. For reference, The Lord of the Rings extended edition trilogy has more than 33 hours of bonus content included, while The Hobbit trilogy has over 34 hours of bonus content.

The collection includes a recreation of The Red Book of Westmarch, which Frodo and Bilbo both use in the context of the stories to write them out, which will be filled with original film sketches, new artwork, and some of the water color concept art by Alan Lee and John Howe.

The original listing for the release was set for October 4 with an $800 price tag. The price and image of the release has since been removed.

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