Awesome Modular Dungeon Master Lego Set Will Take You Back In Time

Dungeon Master Lego Set

Dungeon Master was the best-selling game of all time for the Atari ST. If you grew up in the late 80s and enjoyed hacking and slashing your way through treacherous digital dungeons, then you must remember this game and loved it. It was hugely popular on other platforms, too, and was ported to DOS, TurboGrafx, FM Towns, X68000, Apple II GS, Amiga, SNES. It also received the first ever Special Award for Artistic Achievement from Computer Gaming Magazine.

This brilliant Lego idea comes from the user Ymarilego, and it’s got just as much replay value as the classic game that inspired it. The set is completely modular, so you can build your dungeon map as your heart desires.

Dungeon Master set includes 9 minifig reproductions of characters from the game. Choose your character from the warrior, magic user, or archer, gear up, and then take on a half-dozen baddies in your customized, brick-built map.

If you love the idea and want it to become a real thing then head over and vote for it.

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