Awesome New Trailer for Docu-Series NO ONE SAW A THING Follows a Small Town Vigilantism


This might be the coolest story that you may think is pretty farfetched… if it weren’t true at all. From Blumhouse, the makers of The Jinx which was also a brilliant watch, the series follows the little town of Skidmore, Missouri, where a club of around 60 people took justice into their own hands. The gang faced the town bully in front of the local bar, where one person got killed in broad daylight. His wife of the victim told the police who shot at him, but the whole town said they were there, and didn’t see a thing… So no one was charged for the crime.

While this person may have been a scourge on the town, and some say he earned this treatment, but it was a slippery slope? Since then, other strange deaths have happened throughout the town, and no one knows nothing. watch the trailer below, and watch the docu series No One Saw a Thing this week will air on Thursday, August 1st on the Sundance Channel.

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