Awesome Retro Gaming Shower

Retro Gaming Shower

ThinkGeek introduced this very cool gaming shower curtain for sale that makes it appear as if you’re on the front cover of a classic Nintendo cartridge when you’re showering.

To some, the bathroom is a room for taking care of business; to others, it’s a room full of fun. For us, it’s totally fun. You can play in the bathtub, you can draw on the fogged up mirror, and you make beautiful music (we mean singing… okay, we mean something else, too). And now you can add one more thing to your bathroom. That’s right: old-school gaming. Just hang up a Retro Gaming Shower Curtain, and suddenly the shower is your new gaming console.

Shower old-school style with this Retro Gaming Shower Curtain without having to worry about getting water in the cartridges. Its see-thru panel lets you be the star of Super Shower Time, instead of one of those stupid plumbers. Although that sort of works now that we think about it. Plumbers. Shower. Anyhow, lather up with your Cleantendo – now you’re sudsing with power!

It will cost you $24.99, but it worth every penny.

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