Awesome Retro TV Smartphone Magnifier

Retro TV Smartphone Magnifier

Check out this brilliant retro box which is enough to feel nostalgic, It is created by Firebox and it is actually a Smartphone Magnifier that enlarges movies, television shows, and other videos in an old-fashioned way.

You can play videos at double their original size by placing your phone into a VHS tape shaped box and then sliding the tape into the “video cassette slot.”

The Smartphone Magnifier has returned this much-loved medium to its primitive retro roots. Chunky box shape, faux-wood exterior, warped nostalgic 8″ screen, and no remote control.

Just play your favourite Netflix episode on your smartphone and slip it into the magnifier via the side hatch – cleverly designed to resemble an old VHS tape. Then sit back and watch as your TV shows are transformed into blown-up vintage masterpieces.

Retro TV Smartphone Magnifier Retro TV Smartphone Magnifier

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