Awesome SILVERHAWKS Character Art Series


This is one of my favorite shows while growing up, If you also grew up in the 1980s then you must have seen the awesome era of cartoons, including Thunder Cats and Gumby to name the some. You have seen the cartoons now check out this awesome art created by Josh Burns. Warner Bros. currently holds the rights to the property, and I wish they revive the show.

The SilverHawks team is recruited by a bionic police man named Commander Stargazer, and tasked with fighting the villainous Mon’Star, who is an escaped alien mob boss that transforms into an enormous armor-plated creature. This would make for a visually stunning film, especially with the setting and characters that are partly metal and partly human. This kind of film seems like it would have a Guardians of the Galaxy-type vibe, which is why I’m surprised WB hasn’t jumped all over it. I can see it as an action-packed adventure movie with some great humor.

Characters include in the art series are Quicksilver, the leader who has a metal bird companion named TallyHawk. Steelheart and Steelwill twins, They are the technician and strongman. Then there’s a country singer character named Col. Bluegrass who plays a sonic guitar and pilots the team’s ship, the Miraj. Rounding out the team is a younger character named Copper Kidd, who is a mathematical genius who speaks in whistles and computerized tones.

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