Awesome STAR WARS Rancor Costume from Comic-Con

STAR WARS Rancor Costume

When ILM was developing the effects for Return of the Jedi, they originally wanted to create the Rancor as a monster suit that someone could wear. They weren’t able to figure it out, so they decided to go with the puppet/model that we saw in the final product.

Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage’s crew from Tested brought in special effects artist Frank Ippoliti to design and build a Rancor costume that was fully functional.

We’re extremely excited to reveal our big creature project at Comic-Con: The Rancor! Effects artist Frank Ippolito designed and built this incredibly detailed foam costume in less than a month, based on references from an original test costume used for the Star Wars: Return of the Jedi production team. The Rancor came alive and roamed the streets of San Diego last week.

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