Axe Woves Collectible Revealed

Axe Woves

Sideshow has revealed their unboxing video of the Axe Woves ⅙ scale figure from Hot Toys. Part of the Nite Owls serving under Bo-Katan, Axe Woves, the skilled warrior can be part of your collection.

As seen in The Mandalorian, Woves features a newly crafted, screen-accurate helmet with an articulated rangefinder. His outfit is equipped with distressed and weathered Mandalorian armor, a tailored undersuit, a belt with pistol holders and multiple pouches, a blaster pistol, and a jetpack with booster fire effects. This is an awesome collectible and if you need Woves to finish your Nite Owls collection, you can still preorder him for $235 from Sideshow.

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