Baby Groot’s Memory and Personality in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 Details Surfaced


In the end of Guardians of the Galaxy, Groot sacrificed himself to save his friends but he didn’t die. Instead, he started to regrow. When we pick up with him in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 he’s a little baby Groot.

Official piece of concept art was released last week giving us our first look at Groot on the shoulder of Drax. In a previous interview with executive producer Jonathan Schwartz he offered some insight on Groot saying:

“He doesn’t have the wisdom and experience of that Groot. He’s a younger Groot and a more rambunctious Groot. The question is, is he the same Groot, just smaller? Or is he a different Groot that’s sprung up from the seed of the first Groot?”

We were wondering for a while if, Baby Groot will even have the memory of the events from the first movie? Thanks to Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, we now have an answer. During an interview with Collider, he explains that Groot is still Groot:

“He remembers. He’s not mentally a baby, he is still Groot… I sort of equate it to Spock circa the end of Search for Spock and The Voyage Home.”

He went on to talk about the relationship between Rocket and Groot, saying:

“When it comes to a Guardians of the Galaxy film, a James Gunn script, it’s not just about the funny, it’s not just about the action, it’s about the heart. And the amount of heart that you get out of this trash panda raccoon and now this little twig baby Groot is actually awe-inspiring. It is amazing what he’s done with those two.”

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