BACK TO THE FUTURE DeLorean Collectible From Hot Toys

Hot Toys created these stunning new ⅙ scale models of characters from famous movies. They recently revealed a new DeLorean model as seen in Back to the Future Part II. Measuring 28.34 inches (72 cm), this model is extremely detailed from working gull doors to a detailed recreation of the time machine engine deck and cabin controls.

  • Authentic and detailed likeness of the DeLorean Time Machine in Back to the Future Part II
  • LED light-up function on headlights & rear signal lights, wheel rims, undercarriage, and reactor cooling vents
  • Functional gull-wing doors
  • Rotating wheels can be folded to transform into a hovering DeLorean Time Machine
  • Realistic cables and wires across the body and detailed structure of the engine cover
  • Mr. Fusion energy reactor
  • Nuclear reactor and reactor cooling vents
  • LED light-up cabin display including dashboard, time circuits, overhead panels, flux capacitor, and system display
  • Two seats
  • Sized to fit with Marty McFly and Doc Brown 1/6 Scale Collectible Figures
  • Specially designed vehicle base for flight hover mode display

This collectible will cost you $825. You can pre-order yours now from Sideshow.

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