BACK TO THE FUTURE II Had Criminals Who Cut Off People’s Thumbs in 2015


Beyond the Marquee released the new episode in which host Jon Donahue visits Back to the Future franchise screenwriter Bob Gale.

In the video, he shows off several of the props from the classic film franchise including the DeLorean’s time circuits, the Flux capacitor, and the hoverboards.

The most interesting aspect of the video is props they used in the movie and the most interesting are the headlines of the future and past newspapers used in the film, and he points out some really interesting and fun headlines in them that you’ve probably never even noticed before.

Most important headline was Queen Diana coming to visit the Washington! Yeah, Queen Diana.

He reveals a lot of fun facts about the film during the interview.

For example, he points out a report in the 2015 USA Today paper titled, “Thumb Bandits Strike: After Amputating Thumbs of Hospital Patients.” Gale explains that in the future people use their thumbs to pay for stuff, so there were thieves that would cut off people’s thumbs and use them to buy stuff. That’s pretty twisted!

One of the other things he points out is titled, “Man Killed from Falling Litter,” and he explains how if people throw trash out of their cars while flying through the air, it could fall on someone and kill them.

Gale also reveals that that America has a female president in the 2015 Back to the Future universe. Gale wrote all of the headlines and news articles in the prop papers that were used in the film.

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