BACK TO THE FUTURE II Sports Almanac Sold for $7K

Sports Almanac

The original Grays Sports Almanac prop that was used in Back to the Future Part II was in auction and it sold for £4,750 ($7,200), This must be one of the coolest prop ever from a movie. Must be a lucky guy who own this brilliant prop from the most legendary movie franchise.

Other items from Back to the Future that sold at the auction include:

  • A prototype Hill Valley High School letterman jacket (£600)
  • The torn phone book page Marty used to find Doc Brown (£1,700)
  • A plutonium fuel cell  (£3,000)
  • Marty’s fedora from Part II (£5,000)
  • Two USA Today front pages from 2015 featuring Marty McFly Jr’s escapades (£1,800 and £2,750)

Via: GeekareSexy

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