Back to the Future The Animated Series is Coming On DVD Soon


DVD release of “Back to the Future: The Animated Series” is coming to the retails stores soon.

The animated TV show will be available on DVD for the first time this October, Universal Studios announced today.

All 26 episodes from the two seasons of the show will be available in a DVD set that will be released on October 20, 2015 — one day before the date Doc and Marty travel to in “Back to the Future Part II.”

Eighteen episodes of the show were previously available on VHS and laserdisc.

Back to the Future The Animated Series

The series chronicled the adventures of Doc, Clara, their sons Jules and Verne, Marty, Jennifer, and Doc’s dog Einstein as they traveled through time using both steam train time machines and a DeLorean time machine. Biff Tannen also pops up at various points of the series. Thomas F. Wilson(Biff) and Mary Steenburgen (Clara) reprised their roles for the series’ voice cast.

The entire animated series (which aired on CBS in 1991 and 1992) will also be available on “Back to the Future: The Complete Adventures” set, which includes each movie in the trilogy on Blu-ray, the animated series on DVD a a new bonus disc featuring over two hours of content including a featurette about the restoration of one of the DeLoreans that appeared in the films. A limited edition version of the set will also include a collectable light-up flux capacitor and 64-page excerpt of “Back to the Future: The Ultimate Visual History.”

That DVD/Blu-ray set will also be available on October 20, along with a 30th anniversary DVD set of the trilogy that includes bonus material and two episodes of the animated series.

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