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Top 10 Background Characters Of The Simpsons (With Shockingly Depressing Backstories)

The Simpsons is one of the most popular and enduring shows on television, with several hundred episodes under its massive belt. In that time they’ve featured more background characters than the Lord of the Rings trilogy. With that many characters, some of the more interesting back-stories sometimes go overlooked, along with the fact that many of them depressing as hell. Here are ten sad-sack characters worthy of your Kleenexes.

 10. Eleanor Abernathy


The Simpsons

Eleanor, AKA The Crazy Cat Lady  is a secret genius, clearly showing elements of lucidity in various episodes. In the episode Springfield Up, it’s revealed that Eleanor is a fully trained doctor and lawyer, with degrees from Harvard and Yale. She was a bright-eyed child, who fully believed that a woman could be anything she wanted to be. But she simply couldn’t handle the pressure, burned out, and gave up on life. But at least she has not given up on her cats.

9. Krusty

The Simpsons

Herschel Shmoikel Pinchas Yerucham Krustofski (henceforth shortened to Krusty the Clown, because screw typing that again,) is one of the more famous Simpsons background characters. His whole identity revolves around being a clown, as you rarely ever see him without his trademark clown makeup.

 Krusty doesn’t wear makeup, aside from very early on in the show. It’s a recurring joke on the show that his numerous hearts attacks have given him a permanent chalk-white face.

8. Bleeding Gums Murphy

The Simpsons

Bleeding Gums Murphy stands out as one of the first Simpsons characters ever killed off permanently, in the episode Round Springfield. Being a famous jazz musician, you’d expect a number of people to turn up to his funeral. But, only one person does: Lisa.

So this guy had no one turn up to his funeral, save for a seven-year-old girl, and died not knowing his own brother (Dr. Hibbert) was 10 feet away from him. Cripes, maybe the next one will be a wee but more upbeat.

7. Bumblebee Man

The Simpsons

Bumblebee Man, the humble star of Springfield’s Channel Ocho, seems like a harmlessly wacky one-joke character. Except for the part where he’s lonely and a total fraud.

In 22 Short Stories About Springfield, his wife leaves him, not because he was cheating on her, or because he lost all their money by betting on the bull and not the matador. No, it’s because he’s clumsy and kept breaking things. That’s apparently a deal-breaker in some marriages. Oh, he loses his house too.

He’s also not even Spanish! In the 110th Simpsons Comic he reveals that he’s actually Belgian!

6. Disco Stu

The Simpsons

Disco Stu, lover of all things awesome and happy and disco-y, is a sad, sad man.

Stu confesses that he hates disco, just despises it. Elaborating that he’s been Disco Stu for long that he doesn’t know what else to do, Stu confirms that he is constantly having to conform to an image that he hates, listen to crappy music that makes him puke, and dress like an utter idiot, because it’s all he knows in life.

5. Duffman

The Simpsons

Judging by the nice house he has, Duffman, the only Simpsons character who responds to everything by thrusting, is very well-paid as a corporate shill. Duffman is actually referred to by several names during the show’s run. Why? Well, according to Duffman himself, “Duffman can never die, only the actors who play him.”

Being Duffman is a totally thankless and anonymous job, despite the nice paychecks. You’re not allowed to reveal your identity to the public and there are infinite numbers of you, all equally nameless. When you die, you’re never mourned or acknowledged again. The public simply moves on to the next Duffman, or Duffmen as it is. Infinite free beer hardly seems worth it.

4. Kearney

The Simpsons

Kearney is one of the several bullies who torment the children of Springfield Elementary, characterized by his trademark white shirt and spiked wrist bands. Being a bully would automatically suggest that Kearney didn’t have the best upbringing, but that’s not even scratching the surface. Several quotes from Kearney himself imply a horribly depressing childhood; Kearney himself reveals that both of his parents are in jail.

Kearney’s age is also played for laughs several times throughout the series, including the reveal that he’s 23, pays taxes, and drives.

3. Melvin Van Horne

The Simpsons

Better known as Sideshow Mel, he is the constant sidekick of Krusty the Clown, and a local TV personality.

Mel started out as an incredibly popular and respected theater performer. However, he developed an addiction to applause, that caused him to abandon theater, and take a demeaning job on Krusty’s show, because applause was easier to come by, thereby satisfying his addiction. Mel is so hopelessly addicted to being applauded, that he’s willing to have himself subjected to physical and mental anguish for the amusement of others.

2. Groundskeeper Willie

The Simpsons

Groundkeeper Willie has more names, he has been known as G.K. Willington Esquire, Dr. William MacDougal, William MacMoran and, Greenskeeper Willie, during his many appearances on the show.

The list of problems Willie has is so long he could technically be considered a Third World country. He has intense arthritis in both of his index fingers, was voted the ugliest man in Glasgow and was fired from his job as swim instructor through no fault of his own.

1. Dolphin Starbeam

The Simpsons


Yes, that’s his real name. More commonly known as Dolph, he’s another one of the bullies regularly seen on the show. Unlike Kearney though, Dolph isn’t hopelessly stuck in one grade. He’s actually stupidly, incredibly, unbelievably smart.


In episode 24 Minutes, a brief glimpse of certain students’ files is shown. Dolph’s reveals that he can speak “Spanish, German, Hebrew, Arabic, Korean, Latin, Old English, English, Klingon, and Esperanto.” This technically classes Dolph as a hyperpolyglot (a speaker of many languages,) which makes him one of the smartest characters ever featured on the show. Instead of banking on that potential, he spends his time beating people up.

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