Bad Milo Red Band Trailer

Bad Milo

Jacob Vaughn directs Bad Milo from a script he wrote with Benjamin Hayes and Magnolia Pictures releases the film, Ken Marino now stars in a new horror comedy called Bad Milo. The film follows a down on his luck man named Duncan (Marino) whose stressful life, caused by a slew of pressuring and annoying individuals, spawns a terrible stomach ailment. But the gastrointestinal issue is much more serious when it’s revealed that a little demon is living inside of Duncan, and he is unleashed on those who cause stress in Duncan’s life.

Tormented by a manipulative, crooked boss (Patrick Warburton), a nagging mother (Mary Kay Place), a deadbeat new age dad (Stephen Root), and a sweet, yet pressuring, wife (Gillian Jacobs), Duncan’s (Ken Marino) mounting stress starts to trigger an insufferable gastrointestinal reaction.

But then he learns the real problem is a pint-sized demon living in his intestine, who forces its way out and slaughters the people who have angered Duncan. Attempting to keep the demon in check, Duncan befriends it, naming him Milo, and tries to keep his appetite at bay.


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