Which Badass Female Character Should You Dress Up As This Halloween?

Halloween is quickly approaching, which means you better start thinking of an outfit! Even though you might be an active cosplayer, Halloween is really the time to shine, as everyone will be trying to out-do each other with their respective outfits. If you’re a girl wanting to show your appreciation for some of today’s most badass female characters – regardless of medium (TV, film, book, game), then consider some of these people.

Hermione Granger

Harry Potter does (deservedly) get a lot of the credit for his part in saving the magical world from evil, but a lot of thanks really needs to go to his friends in Ron and especially Hermione. Smart, courageous and very patient (a true Gryffindor), dressing up as Hermione would be a fantastic choice. You’ll need a wand, of course, and if you’re going for ‘Half-Blood Prince’ era Hermione, then you’ll require a fairly typical school uniform look. Gray skirt, black leggings, black shoes, white shirt, red/yellow tie and a grey cardigan should be enough to complete the look, but don’t forget the bushy brown hair that’s often remarked upon in the books!

Harley Quinn Cosplay

Harley Quinn

She’s a bit out of control, true, but Harley Quinn is one girl you don’t want to mess with – carrying around a baseball bat should be enough to signify that! Harley’s outfit is very fun and there’s a lot of room for customization. Getting the hair right will be the trickiest part of the outfit, because if you’re not a natural blonde, then you’ll either have to dye your hair or pick up a wig. We think blonde hair dye usually looks the best, so if you’re really going to be committed to the outfit then first get some tips on bleaching and afterward you can look at some semi-permanent blue and red dye for the finishing touches on your pigtails.


With ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi’ fast approaching cinemas in December this year, now’s as good a time as any to show some love to the character of Rey. A mysterious and incredibly powerful young Jedi, Rey is no doubt bound for big things in future Star Wars movies, but in addition to that, she also has a very iconic look. The easy part is picking up a plastic lightsaber (real ones are hard to find!) and tying up your hair into three buns (ideally brown hair), but getting the rest of the costume correct is a little more difficult. This is because there are a lot of pieces that all need to match up, but it’s probably easier to buy the official outfit, unless you have an eye for tailoring.

Wonder Woman Cosplay

Wonder Woman

With the recent ‘Wonder Woman‘ movie taking the world by storm, this awesome character will definitely be a popular one, but if you’re going to do it, then do it right. This cosplayer has got the perfect WW look, so there’s every hope that you can do the same. Wonder Woman’s outfit has changed a lot over the years, but if you want to be more contemporary, then the Gal Gadot version is the one for you. Don’t forget your sword and shield as well!

Or switch it up!

Who says you have to be a female character? Cosplay and Halloween allow you to be whoever you want, so why not dress up as famous male characters like Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, or Captain America. You can put your own twist on it if you like, but don’t let anything hold you back if that’s who you want to dress up as.

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