Batman Chapter One

Great Animated Short Movie: Batman Chapter One – Help Me!

Here’s a great Batman animated short film that I think you’ll enjoy that was written and directed by Isaak Fernandez. The short is called Batman Chapter One – Help Me!!!, and it has a fun unique style.

This is the first part of what looks to be a great Batman short. Here’s what Fernandez had to say about the film and his inspiration behind it:

This is my first animated short film based on the Batman character. It took me three years to complete it during my spare time after work, weekends and holidays with only the help of my friend Javier Esteban to get the lighting in some shots. I could say that it was one of the best experiences ever. I always have been a huge Batman fan and I could say that this is my personal tribute to him and his world. My main references and inspiration came from Bruce Timm’s “Batman The Animated Series” to the very last Chris Nolan’s version “Batman Begins” through the amazing Tim Burton’s “Batman” and “Batman Returns”.

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