Batman Cosplayer Roam Around San Diego in His Batmobile During Coronavirus

Batman Cosplayer

We all are in quarantine and in self-isolation and it is not the easiest of times being stuck at home. I know I’m feeling frustrated. This coronavirus pandemic sucks and I don’t think it will over any time soon. People are getting sick and dying, people are in self-quarantine, outdoor activities have been limited or totally closed, theaters have been shut down, the economy is going downhill, and businesses are struggling to remain in business.

But there are people trying to make things better. There are the nurses and doctors helping those who are sick, and the food service employees out there making sure that there will be food in our homes. Then you have a man dressing up as Batman and driving around San Diego in his custom-made Batmobile, which is based on Tim Burton’s 1989 movie.

 ABC 10 News in San Diego talked with Chris Banner near Valley Center, California to talk to him. Banner is a lawn service owner who is also a tremendous Batman fan, as you guessed by now! Right now, he’s just looking to encourage people and bring some hope into people’s lives during these dark times.

He said in an interview:

“It brings a lot of joy to people. Everybody loves Batman. It’s a bad time right now, and we’re going to get through this and if I could bring joy to people. That’s great. It makes me feel good. (People) love it. They all line up on the street wave. I just cruise by and open the roof and wave back. It’s what I love doing. I love being Batman and bringing joy to everybody. Everybody digs it. It’s cool.”

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