BATMAN RETURNS: The Penguin Suit Performance Test

Penguin Suit Performance Test

Do you remember the huge penguins that Tim Burton used in his 1992 DC movie Batman Returns?  Burton even strapped rockets on the back of the penguins. It was an army of huge penguin commandos!

Stan Winston Studios built those penguins for the movie. They designed and built thirty full-body mechanical penguin puppets, “ten each of three different penguin species, and six mechanical heads and suits, all of which were interspersed with live penguins to create the Penguin’s army.”

Check out the behind-the-scenes video that was shared that shows the team at Stan Winston Studios doing a penguin suit performance test. It is insane and cool to watch how they managed to do that.

Chris Swift, who sculpted the suit-and-head version, said: “Our mechanical puppets were slightly larger than the real penguins and then we had even larger versions, which were little people in suits, with mechanical heads. The heads and the flapping wings were puppeteered, but the walking was done by the little people in the suits.”

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