Batman Visit Joker in Arkham in Deleted Scene From THE BATMAN!


The Batman director Matt Reeves revealed on a deleted scene in the movie that was about Robert Pattinson’s Batman pay a visit to Barry Keoghan’s The Joker in Arkham Asylum. Now that scene has been released for you to watch.

The scene takes place after the disclosure that the Riddler has slain the Gotham City police commissioner and left behind yet another note addressed to the Batman. “Between the Riddler’s notes casting an uncomfortable spotlight on Batman and the discovery that the Riddler is killing city leaders neck-deep in corruption, Batman finds himself unnerved over what to make of what the Riddler is doing.”


Reeves went on to clarify, saying, “I thought he would be really insecure about this and he’d probably want to find some way to get into the [Riddler’s] mindset, like in Manhunter or Mindhunter — this idea of profiling somebody, so you can predict his next move.”

It’s a grand little scene, and it’s amazing to see a little more of Keoghan in the role and what his interpretation of The Joker is like. Not only do we get more of his character, but we also get a look at the details of his face. That part comes near the end of the clip, which is about 5 minutes long. Check out the clip below.

Reeves chose the scene “wasn’t necessary,” he said. “It was one of those scenes where, given how complex the narrative was, by taking it out, it kept the story moving in a way it needed to.” Cutting the scene was “heartbreaking” for Reeves.

He went on to say, “It’s a really creepy, cool scene. That was the scene that was meant to introduce this guy and just to tease the audience to go like, ‘Oh my god, he’s here too? And he’s not yet the Joker — what’s this going to be?’ And then it seems so delicious in the story since we’d already set him up, to have the end of the story, the completion of the Riddler arc, be that he was in a cell next to this guy.”

Reeves said he doesn’t have any plans to resume the Joker’s story in any other movies to The Batman, but he is developing an Arkham Asylum series for HBO Max.

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