Batman Vs. Batman – What Actor Played the Best?


We’ve seen a lot of different actors take on the role of the Batman in movies and TV shows over the years. Screen Rant has released a video that breaks down a few actors who have played the Batman over the years. Video is called “Batman Vs. Batman: Which Actor Played HimBest?” Video talks about Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale, and Kevin Conroy.

People used to say comic books were just for kids, but these days, playing a superhero on the big screen is an actor’s fastest way to superstardom. There aren’t many heroes more beloved than Batman, set to go from a movie superhero to a Justice League universe star.. But not every actor to put on Batman’s cowl ended up a hit – and one of the most influential men to tackle the role never appeared on film at all. Everyone has their favorites so make sure you let us know yours in the comments below! Here is Screen Rant’s look at Batman: The Actors Who Played Him Best.

Which actor is your favorite version of Batman?

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