Batman Vs. Spiderman

Batman Vs. Spiderman

When dealing with superheroes, it usually comes down to who would beat who in a one-on-one fight. Good guys, bad guys—we just can’t help but wonder who’d prove to be the best of them all.

But how often have you wondered about the financial status of your favorite comic book characters? Not very often, in all likelihood.

Anyway…a new infographic called Superhero Economics does just that, comparing the money earned and money spent numbers for the regular every day gentlemen who become DC Comics’ Batman and Marvel’s Spider-Man, Bruce Wayne, and Peter Parker. We all know who would win in a money fight between the two characters, but the comparison looks at who the men are, what they do, how much they spend, and, perhaps most interestingly, how many years it would take them to make the amount of money all of their movies combined have made in the worldwide box office.

Check out the Superhero Economics infographic below.

Batman Vs. Spiderman


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