Battlecade: Portable Face-to-Face 2-Player Arcade Console


This retro looking 2-player face-to-face arcade console created by Swedish designer Love Hultén. It’s called Battlecade, and it’s inspired by classic board games such as Battleship and Connect Four.

Conceptual arcade console for two players, inspired by classic board games like Battleship. Instead of having a side by side set up, the two opponents sit face to face, each looking at their own 12″ LCD screen and controllers, without being able to see the other person’s moves. The Battlecade is handmade from American walnut and features a built-in storage for accessories like power supply and detachable joysticks. When not in use, the console in three sections folds into a convenient carrier.

You can see a video below of Battlecade in action, as well as some additional photos.

battlecade-arcade-console-concept-05 battlecade-arcade-console-concept-02 Battlecade

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