BATTLEFIELD 2042 Season 3 Takes Players Into The Swedish Wild Lands


DICE and EA continue to patch and improve their online multiplayer first-person shooter game Battlefield 2042, they have also been releasing new game content for their player base. Continuing to press forward, they are gearing up to release Season 3: Escalation of the title which will bring a lot of new content and gear for players to play with.

Season 3 will come with a new map, Specialist, weapons, vehicle, and more, containing 100 new tiers of Battle Pass content. All core gameplay-affecting content will be available to all gamers as part of the Free tier in Battlefield 2042’s Battle Pass while extra cosmetic items are earnable through a Premium version of the Battle Pass. In addition to the Battle Pass, New Assignments will deliver more Vault Weapons, such as the XM8 and A-91, with even more to come in coming Season 3 updates.

Getting into a new battleground, players will be able to take the battle to the wild wilderness in Sweden with the new map, Spearhead, featuring semi-automated manufacturing buildings of high-tech weaponry. They can head in there with the new Egyptian-born Specialist and security expert Zain is adept at flushing enemies out of cover with his XM370A Airburst Rifle. With his perseverance under pressure helping him direct on the front lines, Zain can instantly recharge his health after taking out an enemy.

New players can check out Season 3 and the rest of Battlefield 2042 for free for a limited time starting this December.

Free access will be available on the following dates:

  • Xbox: Free Play Days, December 1st-4th

  • Steam: Free Weekend, December 1st-5th

  • PlayStation: Free Access, December 16th-23rd

Battlefield 2042’s Season 3: Escalation will be available on all platforms come November 22nd.

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