BBC is Developing GRAND THEFT AUTO Drama

GTA 5 Fan Art

BBC is developing a drama based on the game Grand Theft Auto, hold on it is not what you expecting.. no coke or gang banging will be included. It will be a 90-minute feature that will focus on the story of the individuals who brought the hit video game franchise to life.


According to the report, the series is part of an initiative program to “increase digital skills among young people and help to fill the digital skills gap.” Apparently the UK is facing a significant skills shortage in that area, and it’s estimated that they will need 1.4 million “digital professionals” over the next five years.

GTA founders Sam and Dan Houser accepted the Fellowship Award at London’s BAFTA, and in regards to bringing GTA to life, this is what they said:

“Rockstar was founded [in Britain] with a mission statement that video games were the next mass-market entertainment medium, that they were uniquely interesting and powerful. And that we as a company would serve two masters to prove this fact, combining the production values of movies with an obsession of gameplay above all else. Back in 1999, we began shouting this to whoever would listen. A few people laughed at us for our hubris, both in ourselves and in the medium. Most people simply ignored us.”

Via: IGN

GTA 5 Fan Art

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