BBC’s Dracula Billboard Puzzled People During The Day But Fears Them At Night

BBC dracula

BBC’s new TV series Dracula, which was released at the new year, is already bound to bring bucket loads of interest just by virtue of being written by the same team that brought us Sherlock and some new incarnations of Doctor Who. But to grab the attention of potential viewers’ attention, the network’s creative team created an innovative advertisement with a dark twist that only comes out when the sun goes down.

On the billboards, placed at busy street junctions in London and Birmingham, the real stakes projecting from their surface create a shadow that looks like much more than the sum of the objects casting it.

These innovative billboards were put up in London and Birmingham

Image credits: bbccreative

Time-lapse shows what happens when the sun goes down and the lights come on

Image credits: bbccreative

Image credits: bbccreative

Image credits: bbccreative

The miniseries will come out with three episodes that aired in a whirlwind over the first few days of the new year, didn’t really manage to draw the premiere crowd that its successors did. Critics gave many explanations, such as the media viewing attitudes that people fancy in 2020 or the fact that horror is by character a polarizing genre for the audiences. Whatever the reason it failed to rock our boat.



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