Bear Sneaks Up On A Group of Hikers

You must have seen a lot of adorable videos of bears playing around looking all adorable and fluffy, but let’s be fair here, it would be terrifying to face one in real life. While these animals rarely attack people, they are powerful and fierce enough to turn any person into a food snack, so why risk it? However, if you get into an unenviable situation where you’re surrounded by a black bear, there’s something to learn from this video that has been going viral lately.

Recently, a group of hiking women in Mexico got the fright of their lives after a black bear chose to approach them.

A group of women was hiking at the Chipinque Ecological Park in San Pedro Garza García, Mexico when they end up in a scary position. While on their hike, the friends were overtaken by a black bear.

The women were not happy by their new hiking buddy and he didn’t seem to like them either, but fortunately, no one got hurt. The bear just wanted to sniff one woman’s hair and examine her while the three of them stood frozen in terror.

The video was shot from another angle which reveals the woman taking the chance for a selfie with the wild animal. How else will her friends understand that she had such a close encounter with a black bear?!

However, it is usually not recommended to risk your safety for a selfie. The government of Nuevo Leon has published advice on how to act if black bear appears, which states: “Stay calm, never come between a baby and its mother, don’t feed them, take shelter when watching them, avoid photographing and taking selfies with them.”

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