BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD – Film Trailer and Featurette

Beasts of the Southern Wild trailer (2)

Fox Searchlight Pictures has released a new movie clip and behind-the-scenes featurette for the Sundance Film Festival famous movie, Beasts of the Southern Wild. 

Here’s the Synopsis: In a neglected but defiant bayou community cut off from the rest of the world by a sprawling levee, a six-year-old girl exists on the edge of orphanhood. Buoyed by her childish enthusiasm and an amazing imagination, she thinks that the natural world is in balance with the universe until a violent storm changes her existence. Desperate to improve the structure of her world in order to save her sick father and sinking home, this little hero must learn to endure unstoppable catastrophes of historic proportions.

The movie will be released later this month on June 27th, 2012.

I stumbled upon the beasts of the wild Southern quite by accident. I had a free morning unexpectedly one day at a party and just drove to the nearest theater to the waiting list all that may be showing. He was happy that I walked through this screening. In a year when films in competition (and most others) were generally low, I just happened to fall into the best film at the festival.
The best film that showed at the festival over the years. I went to many movies and Sundance, and I have never seen a film having a standing ovation, let alone one that lasted what seemed like several minutes. The festival also recognized.Animals then when the price Cinematography, and the Grand Jury Prize. It is now just been honored at Cannes, winning the Camera d’Or. It’s a film full of very imaginative triumph, magic and is cœur.Bêtes benh Zeitlin of the first feature film directorial effort. He also wrote the screenplay with Alibar Lucy, a first time writer, which is frankly kind of fantastic.
The film is set in southern Louisiana, in an area nicknamed “the bathtub.”There, a six year old girl named Hushpuppy life in a poor, but in the magical world with his alcoholic father. Hushpuppy is played by a young actress named Quvenzhané Wallis and it is enormous. Zeitlin mentioned in the Q & A that the filmmakers have seen over 3,000 children for the part. It seemed excessive, until I saw him at work. Community Hushpuppy is welded, they are all very poor, but all very happy. They live in shacks and rusty old trailers. By avoiding the traditional priorities, such as materialism, or have running water, no electricity, the tub is a place that values ​​the experience, they often have meetings, parties with more glorious lobster and I suppose is moonlight than you can shake a fist at.
While Zeitlin has captured the wonder of childhood, he also managed to capture the pains that come with difficult growth. Despite the age Hushpuppy, she has indeed asked to grow much earlier than it should. His father is dying. Despite his alcoholism, and sometimes his brutal approach to parenthood, and despite his incredible independence (his father disappears for days at a time, and she saw even in his own house), it is always a period of six small fille.Alors that his father does not come out and say he will die, it’s a smart girl Hushpuppy. His youthful spirit, however, is not quite able to treat it.
 So, at times, the story lends itself to a visual metaphor for his coming to accept the situation. I’m not sure how literally to take that story aside (is it his imagination?), But I loved it.
She imagines (I think) great prehistoric monsters frozen in ice distant. Whenever we visit the monsters, they get closer and closer to the bath, at first just out with the ice caps, then float through the oceans while melting. Finally, they reach the earth the thunder of their hooves huge becoming more intense. It is unclear whether Hushpuppy, or the public for that matter, is feared beasts or not and when Hushpuppy finally meets them is certainly my favorite film. This sounds like it might be hokey, I am fully aware.
But believe me when I tell you, it is beautifully réalisé.Il is a huge amount of talent evident in the direction of Zeitlin. Many people are making comparisons to Terrance Malick (Personally, I think this is a slight Zeitlin, but I’m sure it was designed as a compliment), who lists among his influences Zeitlin. Others include John Cassavettes, Emir Kusturica and the Czech animator Jan Svankmajer.
 It is worth mentioning that he also created the fantastic as well with Dan Romer. I expect we will see great things from him.

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