Beautiful Screen Test Footage For Robin Williams Biopic ROBIN

Jamie Costa

Robin Williams deserves a biopic that is for sure. I’m sure that one day it will happen, but the thing is… who will play Robin Williams? It’s hard to think anyone bringing the actor and comedian back to life in an epic biopic. Check out the test footage of Jamie Costa playing the comedian legend, and I was completely surprised by his performance. It’s beautiful and his performance left me in amazement.

This screening test was shot to create interest in a biopic which is called Robin, and Costa is showing that he’s got what it takes to play the titled role.

The clip features a strong, poignant clip where Robin discovers that his friend John Belushi passed away while he is getting ready to shoot Mork & Mindy. Not only does the actor look like Williams, but it features a full range of emotions. Check out the video below.

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