Ben Affleck Doesn’t Want to Be Batman Anymore!

ben affleck as batman

It was recently reported that Warner Bros. offered The Batman directing gig to Matt Reeves. He will take the place of Ben Affleck, who unsurprisingly dropped out as the director. Now, according to a recent report, Affleck wants out of the Batman franchise completely.

According to John Campea of Collider Movie Talk, Affleck doesn’t even want to play Batman anymore. That’s what he said:

“Ben Affleck, make no mistake, he does want out. He doesn’t want to be Batman anymore. I’ve been told, Ben Affleck is talking with Warner Bros. in an attempt to get out of being Batman. And if they do not let him out of being Batman, the standalone Batman film that ultimately happens will be the last time we see Ben Affleck as Batman.”

One of the most recent things we heard about The Batman is that the script is done and everyone, including Affleck, is happy with how it turned out. If that’s the case, then this latest rumor is obviously nothing. We’ll keep you informed as the story develops.

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