Benedict Cumberbatch in a Serious Mood in New Sherlock Image


Sherlock‘s fourth series is coming soon, you won’t be seeing any japes or smiles to be found on this new official image for the next run of episodes, which sees Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in a glum mood.

They’re also, we notice, not looking at each other – so are we to assume there is some rift between the pair? Probably not, though from the sounds of it, both men will be tested in a big way this year.

Sherlock, story details are still largely a mystery, though we’ve been offered the hint words “Thatcher”, “Smith” and “Sherrinford” for the new run of episodes, and we know that Toby Jones will be playing one of the great detectives most dangerous enemies, Culverton Smith. We can also expect to see John Watson and Mary (Amanda Abbington) Watson dealing with life as new parents.

Check out the teaser trailer from the fourth season below.

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