Best 3 Apps to Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts


Do you know that controlling multiple accounts on Instagram isn’t as time-consuming as it was several years ago? Now, you aren’t obliged to log in and log off in order to make one or another post. In current times, the programmers simplified this process to those, who are obliged to use multiple accounts. If Instagram is a number one portal for business development or advertising particular goods, you ought to get yourself familiar with the software solutions that will facilitate your work on Instagram.


This software product is created for iOS clients only. It is absolutely free; the app is available in the Apple Store. Having set the app up, you can switch over the accounts in a split second. To do this, you just ought to tap on your account name and it will be switched. Through the use of this option, you can easily comment any posts, like them or even share them. All this is done rapidly. No additional software is needed.

The Fotogramme host of functions enables users to grope the information through the use of locations, usernames, and different hashtags. This is a simple app, with a limited functionality, because uploading is possible only via the official Insta app.


This is a native software product, developed for Mac users only. Hundreds of users across the globe prefer this solution to an ordinary Instagram software due to its copious functionality.

The core objective of Instagram is to let users upload videos and photos. Due to functionality that was given by Flume Instagram, users can easily review all images without viewing the text. The app allows you to get a closer look at the content. If you desire to get more information about the photo, you should click on it and you’ll see all comments, the number of likes and caption.

Except for commenting and liking, you can also download photos. The program is endowed with an awful lot of options, allowing you to edit an image on your Mac and then, upload it instantaneously on Instagram.

Besides, Flume lets you apply either traditional Instagram filters or its own ones. You can scope out your fancied filters and reorder them in the list.

Managing several accounts has never been so easy! To add one more account, press the sign in, then, you can easily switch between them.


This app isn’t free; you’ll be asked to pay $1.99. It powers you with greater control over the content you publish on Instagram. You can monitor any photos and stop repeated video playbacks. You know that all video files are played automatically on Instagram and in some instances, it is awkwardly. With Gramatica, you can obstruct this option.

Besides, with this software product, you’ll have URL access. In some instance, you must add URLs to some posts but it is impossible to do them clickable in the native app. Gramatica enables you to subjoin the link and all users will have a possibility to tap on it and visit the advertised portal with whiplash speed.

Except for the above-mentioned options, the app has much more of them, simplifying the work of users. There is also a last viewed indicator, allowing you not to waste time on sudden online breaks.

These are the best apps, allowing you to gain time, running your business on Instagram. You, as a business owner, must dig up the one, which stands up to your demands and can hook you up with a wide selection of features.

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