Best 7 Platforms for Streaming Video Games


The video gaming industry is constantly increasing with its growing trend. You will find various types of games that have significantly grown and offered players different experiences. From providing the best graphics to stimulating virtual and augmented reality, video gaming has statistically arisen on many gaming platforms like the PlayStation, Microsoft’s Xbox, Nintendo, Twitch, and many others. Along with playing video games, the trend of watching game streams has also increased. Many pro gamers from around the world play different types of games and stream them live for their fans. They use different game streaming platforms to bring in subscribers, increasing their channel visibility and gain potential earnings. Today in this blog, we have brought the collection of the top 7 video game streaming platforms that will help you live stream your gaming content effectively.


The best 7 platforms for streaming video games

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  1. Twitch

Twitch is a trending video game streaming site that started in 2007 as It has over 140 million monthly active users and is one of the best to broadcast esports competitions. Twitch allows you to create easy interaction with your followers and emotes slots to enhance the conversation. Twitch being one of the most popular live streaming services allows you to use it from anywhere and from any device like PC, phone, Xbox, PS4, etc. One of the best aspects of Twitch is that it has immense community support and now has become part of the e-commerce giant Amazon. Choosing Twitch can be the best option if you are looking for an easy and effective subscription model for long-term earnings.


  1. Facebook Gaming

Facebook gaming is the world’s most popular live game streaming platform, which you can operate from mobile or desktop. According to the report, viewers watched over 3 million hours of live streaming throughout the third quarter of 2022. With the growing popularity of gaming, Facebook has created its Facebook Gaming application dedicated to all gamers who can seamlessly play games and set up live streaming. With the straightforward user interface, Facebook gaming allows you to schedule gaming broadcasts and create a live interaction with your audience to entertain them. Selecting Facebook gaming can be the best option for you to create a huge audience base and earn real monetary value.


  1. YouTube Gaming

YouTube gaming is the most popular video streaming giant that you can use to stream your gameplay. You will find a comprehensive collection of streamers on YouTube who provide the audience with enchanting content. The application, known for making various types of video content, has now made space for online video gaming that helps streamers with plenty of tools that make good video game streaming and get recognition. You can easily get a huge audience base with an excellent support system and tools by choosing YouTube for your game streaming. An additional advantage with YouTube is that you can freely live stream any of your games and create the best interaction with viewers.


  1. DLive

DLive is another video live-streaming service that provides you with a superb layout. DLive can be the best platform for streamers to receive immense respect and provides excellent support to make your live streaming seamless and effective. With the best audience base, DLive allows new game streamers to easily get recognition and generate revenue without sharing it with the app.


  1. Bigo Live

If you are looking for quality live game streaming, Bigo Live is the right option. It allows you to stream from your desktop and mobile from any corner of the world. In addition to general live streaming technologies, Bigo Live also uses augmented reality and artificial intelligence to provide your audience with the best viewing experience. The unique part of this live-streaming service is that it offers in-app competitions through which you can earn real cash. Another benefit of Bigo Live is that it has a simple user interface through which you can easily run your live stream and smoothly interact with your audience. Choosing Bigo Live can help you get famouse, enhance your performance and earn handsome revenue in a little amount of time.


  1. AfreecaTV

AfreecaTV, which started as a live-streaming service, now provides various broadcasting services. With AfreecaTV, you can create and upload new videos, interact with your audience, and live-stream your gaming. AfreecaTV has become a special place for streaming live games because of its popularity among gamers, and now it is sponsored by the Esports League of Legends team. Talking about its key features, it has an easy user interface that can help you to have smooth real-time interaction with your audience while streaming live. Here you can produce all sorts of content and allow the audience to watch it on a clutter-free streaming screen without any glitches.


  1. Caffeine

Caffeine is another live-streaming platform that allows you to smoothly interact with the audience about gaming and sports. Caffeine allows you to integrate third-party apps like OBS, which lets you play and stream any game on your PC and stream it. Caffeine is the best option for all streamers who are new to the gaming world. This attractive platform has an easy user interface through which you can stream with just one click. Caffeine comes with a partner program that includes perks such as access to other partners, swag, and invites to special events. Once you become a Caster Program member, generate stickers from your viewers, and after generating $200 worth of stickers, you can turn it into real money.

Video games have now become a center for entertainment. These above-mentioned platforms, like Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, Bigo Live, DLive, AfreecaTV, and Caffeine, have a lot of different features that allow you to stream your game effortlessly and provide your audience with the utmost entertainment. Whether you are a casual or new video gamer, consider these platforms to increase your visibility and monetize a fun hobby. Selecting any of these platforms will be based on your preference and goals. But it is worth experimenting with a different platform to know which works best for you.

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