Best Actors And Best 9 Kisses Of The Year

Best Actors And Best 9 Kisses Of The Year

Photographer Elaine Constantine directed 18 familiar faces in nine liplocks that are funny, touching, romantic and just a wee bit sexy.

New York Times Gets This Years Best Actors for 9 Kisses

Some of the celebs snogging for the camera are Marvel men Benedict Cumberbatch (sneaking a smooch with Reese Witherspoon) and Chadwick Boseman (getting tackled by Kristen Stewart), indie darlings Jason Schwartzman & Patricia Arquette, and funny couple Steve Carell & Laura Dern. Shailene Woodley & Jack O’Connell as well as Miles Teller & Gugu Mbatha-Raw romance alongside vets Julianne Moore & John Lithgow, while a few same-sex surprises were thrown in via Roasario Dawson & Jenny Slate and David Oyelowo & Timothy Spall.

Source New York Times’ 9 Kisses.

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