Best Bingo Scenes In The Movies

Bingo is one of the most popular and best loved pastime game and there is no doubt about that, It is been loved by generations and it is still going strong. Ok, it is the game loved by older people as the stereotypes love to say but still it is fun to play once you get the hang of it. I started playing with my dad long ago and we had so much fun playing together, now he is passed away and I’m still hooked to it maybe it reminds me of him and the fun times we had playing the game but I think game itself is quite immersive. Now many sites also offer online bingo entertainment, Games or gadgets there is a lot internet has to offer and with all that chaos going on online, Sun bingo is one of the nicest game online, You can enjoy the game from your home sitting on your comfy sofa.

You do not see much Bingo in the movies these days but still there are a few directors who have chosen to showcase bingo in all its glory. Sometimes this is done through humor, sometimes to make a political point, but they are showcasing the game as it should be and I think we should keep Bingo alive. It becomes a heritage now.

Today, As a tribute to my dad I compiled a list of these great bingo scenes below. I am sure if you go through these scenes below you will fall in love with the game or at least you will try to play it once.

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Wog Boy (2000)

This rather amusing scene starts off in a highly stereotypical fashion (old people playing Bingo), Sign revealing that bingo is taking place in the local Greek Orthodox church hall. Inside the building plenty of old men and women are gathered in anticipation as the caller manually spins the wheel full of balls. However there’s no cry of ‘two little ducks!’ for the number or any enthusiasm really from this humorously disastrous bingo caller. The prize itself is also uninspiring, adding to the stereotypical bingo idea.

bad grandpa bingo scene

Bad Grandpa (2013)

It is one hilariously disturbing scene from the movie, which I actually really like. The Johnny Knoxville flick brings childish humor even to the bingo hall. Knoxville is playing as the Bad Grandpa, If you have seen the movie then you should already know if you didn’t I recommend you should if you are into some senseless comedy. He is getting ready to take part in a game of bingo, with participants around him unaware he’s being filmed. Being as a pro prankster Knoxville makes some inappropriate quips as the game begins, after that all things go down hill from there. Bingo fans are grossed out and try to halt their beloved game as Knoxville starts squirting bingo fluid into his mouth. His rather disturbing acts continues and force people to move table and you can imagine why! It is one gross out scene with a twist of curiosity which will make you watch the whole scene with one eye closed.

wog boy bingo scene

Hotel Transylvania (2012)

This animated flick is by Columbia Pictures and it is suppose to be for kids but it is been loved by all ages and being a kids film it has a rather amusing bingo scene, Hotel Transylvania is a fun twist on the tale of Dracula, with some disturbed family drama in the mix. Count was fed up with humans and all human contact as we all humans do so he opened a hotel for all the creatures of the dark. It sounds so dark but it is one happy place to be.

As you can imagine the best past time for these monsters in the resort was bingo. If you are thinking about some normal bingo you are wrong, very wrong — It was a bingo with a twist. Instead of your usual bingo balls rolled around in a cage, there are tiny little skulls, which when removed, speak their number to the bingo caller. The disinterested bingo caller shouts the number, to a silent and non cheery audience. Now this is a bingo version I want to play.

One middle aged woman which is no different than Frankenstein’s bride finds she has bingo, and she calls out in excitement. But much to her dismay, her bingo playing pal, who also appears to be some sort of monster, suddenly acts on the urge to eat her winning card! Frankenstein’s bride gets sassy while the monster lady protests innocence. It is one of the oldest tricks in the book but yet very amusing shot of the movie.

I love seeing and playing bingo as I earlier mentioned. I just want to see more bingo scenes in the movies, not all humorous but some on the serious side as well.

Hotel Transylvania 2 will hit the theaters soon, You can watch the new trailer here.

rampage bing scene

Rampage (2009)

It is one of the movies which receives cult following, As most of the movies use bingo as humor and in our list all of the entries have a humor element one way or another Rampage also contains an hilarious bingo scene. Movie is about a boy so disillusioned and angered at the world that he decides to take measures into his own hands, by ordering a Kevlar suit, loads of weapons and ammo and heading out on a shooting spree. Our newly made hitman wanders around a bingo hall, unnoticed by bingo players who are totally immersed in the game and not aware of the surroundings, noticed at first only by the food hall employee who got so scared that instead of screaming or anything he offers food for free. Then the boy wanders back into the hall, resting his semi-automatic weapons on the table. Still he remains unnoticed until he grabs a ball from the bingo caller and shouts out. Even then, people only look up but are not startled, and certainly do not stop playing, Even the announcement lady doesn’t take any notice of the armored suit or the automatic rifle he was holding but seems more concerned about the ball and scenes ends when he left the premises doing no harm to the innocent bingo players. This is one hilarious scene and portrays bingo players perfectly and the level of concentration they put into the game.

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