The Best Celebrity Homes and Why They’re Special

For those with champagne wishes and caviar dreams, owning a home that’s set apart by its beauty and decadence is part of the package. As celebrities gain increasing amounts of fame, they look to purchase homes reflecting their changing financial status. While some go a bit too far with their lavishness, others combine class and elegance into a winning combination when purchasing and decorating their homes.

Oprah Winfrey

The Best Celebrity Homes and Why They're Special

The queen of daytime television, Oprah’s home in Santa Barbara has the largest amount of green space of any home in the region. According to Lonny, it supports fourteen bathrooms within its 23,000 square feet, has a man-made lake stocked with very rare fish and a home theater. The meticulous landscaping on the grounds is supposedly done to resemble the famous Biltmore Estates, which are located in North Carolina.

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