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College students might be in for a fun ride this spring. With the assembling of movies trending on Netflix and Hulu, the allure of the spring break and Easter celebrations beckons. However, before the commencement of the couch-surfing and movie-binging, we compiled a list of documentaries to add to your To Watch collection.

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So, mixing inspiration, education, creativity, ingenuity, information, or just for laughs; with the aim to support, complement or simply color the adventures tagged with building successful careers after school, you can’t go wrong with the following selection.


  1. Particle Fever

Majors in the sciences are going to love this one. So what about those in the non-sciences? Particle Fever rolls out the events as they occur toward the launch of one of the biggest and most expensive experiments in history – Large Hadron Collider.

Winner of the Audience Award – 2013 Sheffield International Documentary Festival, the Alfred I. DuPont Columbia Award, and lots of other awards and nominations.


  1. Somm

While, for some, college courses may not be demanding, and for others, it may be, everyone can gain some inspiration and resilience from Somm. Go behind the scenes as four guys prepare for what Forbes tags the World’s toughest test: The Master Sommelier Exam.

Somm introduces viewers into the wine-tasting world and reveals the challenges, trials, fears, and pressure as each candidate prepares against the clock to be acknowledged among one of the most elite groups in the world: The Master Sommeliers.


  1. Generation Startup

College offers different parts to success. While for some, it could be getting a job, for others, it could be the start of a new venture.

Generation Startup follows the 6 recent college graduates, who go against the odds, work to establish their place in corporate America, through the founding of successful start-ups. Their trials, struggle, conflicts, and rewards are all outlined in this inspiring documentary.


  1. How Did They Ever Make a Movie of Facebook?

A look into the beginnings of one of the most intriguing and successful start-ups on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, How did they ever make a film of Facebook looks at the processes behind creating the movie The Social Network.

Not only would viewers get the insight story to creating one of the most successful college start-ups, but viewers also get an opportunity to see the perspectives of movie-making from the cast, actors, the director, and members of the crew.


  1. Brain Games

Get a tickle of reality mixed with illusion with the 2011 documentary and series, Brain Games. Science TV series hosted by the National Geographical Channel in 2011, Brain Games holds the record for the highest premiere rating for the Network.

Ingenuous, captivating and hilarious, with content deemed acceptable for educative and information purposes, Brain Games is a welcome alternative to every student’s archetype villain – boring courses.


  1. Showrunners

Film making is not limited to industry experts and veterans; college students can also get in the mix. With this thought in mind, Showrunners brings on board a perspective of filming from some of the industry’s iconic producers. Enjoy the mindset behind the creation of the most successful TV shows and movies.


  1. Maidentrip

Take a break from courses and routine and join teenage girl, Laura Dekker, as she goes on a voyage to fulfill a dream to be the youngest person to travel the world alone. The interesting, captivating, first-person narrative from Dekker, as she begins her voyage from Den Osse to her final arrival at Sint Maarten, Netherlands.


  1. Jiro Dreams of Sushi

The documentary follows the life of 85-year-old sushi master Jiro Ono, and how he oversees the day-to-day operations of Sushi restaurant, Sukiyabashi Jiro.

Jiro dreams of sushi celebrate the activities of an expert sushi maker, relentless in the pursuit of perfection, to master his craft, in one of the most renowned sushi restaurants in the world.


  1. Iris

A craving for ingenuity, originality, quirkiness, and celebration of a lifetime in fashion and style could lead you to Iris. The main cast, Iris Apfel provides an enlightening and intriguing show as she exposes what it means to be an interior designer and fashionista.

The NY Times, Manohla Dargis states “There are few better ways right now to spend 80 movie minutes than to see Iris, a delightful eye-opener about life, love and statement eyeglasses.” 


  1. First Position

Take a trip into the magical world of ballet with the First Position. However, First Position does not focus on the beauty, glamour or fame that comes with being light on your feet. The first Position takes a look at how very young dancers ages 9 – 19 refine their art, in preparation for the Youth America Grand Prix, to be eligible to be picked by the most elite schools and ballet companies in the world.



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